Monday, February 28, 2011

school work cycle.

Lately school has been keeping me as busy as I have ever been. Fortunately I'm staying on top of it and doing well. I really like all my classes and and hoping this semester will remain as entertaining as it has been so far, with maybe a little less stress. I think once I fully get in the swing of the classes and know whats coming up, as far as things like assignments go, I'll be able to relax a bit.

Even with how busy I am I have decided to start trying to make riding a priority. I've been making sure to ride a few days a week where thee are windows in my schedule. That usually translates to waking up earlier that I have to, and riding while it's still freezing out. Warmer weather is looking pretty good right now. I can't wait till we get it back.

Work is going great and I love my job. I really don't usually feel like I'm "working". I guess going from being a manually laboring grunt, to what I'm doing now, is a lot easier, It's definitely less stressful!

So school, work and cycling pretty much have all my time right now. Along with Younglife and Wyldlife which take up a few more hours a month.
I'd like to figure out just how many hours a week I actually spend on commitments. I think it may be abnormally high.....Thats OK, so far I don't feel stressed or burdened.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Netflix has an AMAZING list of documentaries. I have been watching them like crazy.

The parking lot movie
Dear Zachary
King Corn
Food INC
Lord save us from your followers
Vice guide to travel
I think we're alone now
I like killing flies

They're all so great! And those are just a few. Documentaries fascinate me. Watching them and realizing that most of them are completely independent, home made works of genius makes me want to get out my camera and make one. I just need to decide on the topic! What to do. What to do. I really want to use my video camera more. I mean I bought it. I should use it!!!

That's it. I'm getting out of bed and going to clean up, get ready for the day and them grab my camera and go outside.

Snow trip

Last weekend I went with Santa Cruz Younglife's snow trip to Sugar Bowl. It was amazing!
There were some rad kids I knew, and some new faces in the crowd. The snow wasn't great the first day, but it wasn't bad either. I hadn't been on Ski's for at least two years and was a little apprehensive about going all out after my hiatus but soon realized that it was just like riding a bike. Once I remembered how to do it it was no problem.
we went all over the mountain hitting some pretty epic runs, but the majority of our day was spent in the terrain park, hitting the jumps and rails. Day two saw about one and a half feet of fresh pow pow and we quickly took the lift up to some runs that were untouched and made fresh tracks in knee deep snow.

on the way up I conquered a challenge I have wanted to try for some time. We always stop at In and Out Burger and I thought I should finally try the 4X4. It was delicious. To really impress the kids I went back and got another double double (both were animal style) and devoured that, too. Now since I don't eat too much fast food my body isn't really used to having to deal with that type of stuff, especially in the amount. So for the rest of the ride up I was a little uncomfortable but it wasn't too bad, unless you had a really sensitive nose.

School starts next week and I guess I'm ready for it. I have a few hitches in my schedule but I will worry about them as they come. I'm praying that there will be a solution to the little problems and that everything will end up being smooth.