Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yet another new year

So Far 2011 has been pretty good. I am happy with my job, my living situation, family, friends and most of the minor and major details in life.

I moved out of downtown Santa Cruz and into Capitola, less than 3 minutes from my school which will make that commute even nicer, and more often than not, by bike.
Moved in with a longtime childhood friend and his two cats.

My job is going great. i am a one on one aide for developmentally disabled adults. Whenever I tell someone what it is I do they say things like "that must be tough", "You must have so much patience" or "I could NEVER do that", I can't really imagine doing anything else right now. It's by far the best job I have ever held.

I have set some realistic "goals" for the year. Not resolutions, just lifestyle adjustments.

Go to church more and become more involved. Including getting back into a solid Bible study.

Go to the Gym as much as possible and use the membership to 24hr fitness I bought via the Costco connection!

Get back on my bikes and ride ride ride.

Read more books! Any recommendations?

Continue to become more responsible with my finances.

eat healthier, which I have been doing for the last few years and making significant gains. I'm already pretty good with things, but I need to cut out the occasional treats that are just junk.

Expand my musical and artistic endeavors.

And lastly, and most pathetic, become more involved with certain social networking things.....Become the internet whore I was born to be!