Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Netflix has an AMAZING list of documentaries. I have been watching them like crazy.

The parking lot movie
Dear Zachary
King Corn
Food INC
Lord save us from your followers
Vice guide to travel
I think we're alone now
I like killing flies

They're all so great! And those are just a few. Documentaries fascinate me. Watching them and realizing that most of them are completely independent, home made works of genius makes me want to get out my camera and make one. I just need to decide on the topic! What to do. What to do. I really want to use my video camera more. I mean I bought it. I should use it!!!

That's it. I'm getting out of bed and going to clean up, get ready for the day and them grab my camera and go outside.

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Ashley said...

I suggest beer wars as well