Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Florida challenge 2009

I am going to be riding with road to recovery again, this time in Florida. Tampa to Jacksonville.

The rules to win the $200 Dollar Apple card are the same as last time. Same for the the $20 dollar one, too. Find out more from my previous post.

You can sponsor me at www.r2rriders.com/sponsor by entering my name in the rider category, Anthony Purtscher. Your contributions are tax deductible, and any donation is greatly appreciated

The Ride form San Fransisco was amazing! Thank you to all who supported it! There were about 170 riders and we really challenged ourselves every day. I was able to meet many amazing people and am looking forward to seeing several of them in Florida.

The Road to recovery program is so amazing. Seeing and hearing the stories of what other vets were dealing with and how riding has benefited their lives in so many ways was really uplifting and inspiring.

since I have been back from the Golden state challenge I have been trying to ride every day, I even raced in a cyclocross race which was a blast even though I came in pretty much last....Inspiration to train harder.