Monday, February 28, 2011

school work cycle.

Lately school has been keeping me as busy as I have ever been. Fortunately I'm staying on top of it and doing well. I really like all my classes and and hoping this semester will remain as entertaining as it has been so far, with maybe a little less stress. I think once I fully get in the swing of the classes and know whats coming up, as far as things like assignments go, I'll be able to relax a bit.

Even with how busy I am I have decided to start trying to make riding a priority. I've been making sure to ride a few days a week where thee are windows in my schedule. That usually translates to waking up earlier that I have to, and riding while it's still freezing out. Warmer weather is looking pretty good right now. I can't wait till we get it back.

Work is going great and I love my job. I really don't usually feel like I'm "working". I guess going from being a manually laboring grunt, to what I'm doing now, is a lot easier, It's definitely less stressful!

So school, work and cycling pretty much have all my time right now. Along with Younglife and Wyldlife which take up a few more hours a month.
I'd like to figure out just how many hours a week I actually spend on commitments. I think it may be abnormally high.....Thats OK, so far I don't feel stressed or burdened.

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Josh said...

Yeah! Tony it sounds like you're killin' it keep it up, miss you man!